Alpha Woman

Whoever said being a mother was tough definatley knew exactly what she was talking about, now try walking in the shoes of a single mother who is still in her early twenties, trying to juggle her education, her job and ofcourse her little terrorist who is the love of her life. The reason as to why i call him a little terrorist is because, as cute and adorable as he is, he can effortlessly lieterally turn a well kempt house into a trashed house in a mater of seconds.

One of the things girls are not taught about getting pregnant early is that you will do most of the work, wait, did i just say most? no, what i meant was, you will do all of the work. Its funny how we think our mums will be there twenty four seven to help change dipers and all. If these are your thoughts, then you are going to be in for a very rude shock, your mother had her time and it passed. Not that she is even obliged to be there or anything, but just be prepared to give up on sleep becuse you will not know any sleep as long as your little munchkin is around.

Before i scare you off on the hardships of being a mother, i would also like to acknowledge the fact that motherhood changed  me as a person, its like im a whole new person and ofcourse for the better. I got pregnant in my first year campus, like i had just joined campus and then booom! there it was. By the time it started to show, i was already in second year and belive me when i say that, that was the year i really passed in all my exams. Funny right? Its interesting how getting pregnant all of a sudden changes your focus in life, and there is pressure and need to always be at a stable place in life, be it emotional, fiancial, physical and etc.

This is a good thing because in as much as it forces you to grow up, it helps improve the quality of your life by making you to strive and to be the best version of yourself for both you and your baby. I im living proof that it all gets easier with time.

Please feel free to leave a comment, you can also ask me anything with regards to being a young mother, or some of the things in my experience of being a young mother you would like me to address. I got you!


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