Can single mothers raise successful children?

The question of weather single parents, in most cases single mothers  can raise successful children is a question that most single mothers ask themselves through out their parenthood, it starts out as being doubtful at your parental skills during the first years of your child’s  life and then as time goes by, the confidence sets in. According to a research conducted, out of the 11 million families with children under the age of 18, and no spouse present, the majority are single mothers (8.5 million). Single fathers comprise the remaining 2.5 million single parent families. Married couples make up 68 percent of all families with children under age 18, compared to 93 percent in 1950.

Many of these mothers are single due to a dissolved partnership, death of a partner, or other difficult circumstances . The good news is that children raised by single parents are generally just as happy as children living with two biological parents. Children usually do very well with a single, loving adult role model.

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Trying to cope as a single mum can be evidently very stressful, so, it is very important to understand that you are not alone and also feel encouraged to lean on your support network, who come in very handy especially when you are feeling alone and stressed out. To cope, always ensure that you stay busy and very positive, focus all that energy in to raising a responsible and respected citizen. Sociologists who have studied single mothers of different races, classes, and sexual orientations have found that those mothers are rarely raising their children single-handedly. Instead, they have networks of friends and relatives and neighbors who care about them and their children, and have been part of their lives for years.

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In as much as children who are raised by both parents are more advantageous than children who are raised by single parents, in terms of stability , sometimes, children that are raised by single parents do better than children of married parents. For example, a study of hundreds of 10- to 14-year old and their parents showed that in their day-to-day lives, single parents were more friendlier to their children than  married parents were to their children. The children of single parents also spent more time with people in their extended families than did the children of married parents.

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So if you are a single mother, who is worried about the future of your child and you are a bit insecure of what you have to offer and if it will be enough, it is about time that you stop beating up your self. The majority of women who are single mothers did not choose to be single mothers. If you were given a chance to choose the kind of setting you would give your child, many of us would opt for a good family setting with both parents for our kids. So that the child would have twice of everything that both parents have to offer the children. However, it is unfortunate that some of us find ourselves in such predicaments where you are forced to single-handedly bring up your child, but that does not mean that your child becomes automatically doomed to be successful. It all really depends on how you raise them, there are a lot of people that were raised by single mothers who have turned out successful and if you believe in yourself to be a good parent and actually be there for your child in every step of their growth, your little one will definitely be successful.

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