The much awaited blue economy conference is finally here and more interestingly is that; it was held in our very own country Kenya. Our country Kenya and its co-hosts Canada and Japan invited the rest of the world to Nairobi for the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. The Sustainable Blue conference economy is the very first global conference ever on the sustainable blue economy. What’s even better is the fact that more than 18,000 participants from around the world were present in unity to build a great economy. There was absolutely no charge to attend the sustainable Blue Economy Conference, it was open for all to come learn and experience what the world has to offer, if only this is to be taken very seriously. All one was required to do was register.

It is expected that this conference was made possible in order to help to learn and achieve how to build a blue economy that Leverages the latest innovations, scientific advances and the best practices to build prosperity while conserving our waters for the future generations, the conference also assisted in learning how to Harness the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the quality of lives of all, especially people living in developing states, women, youth and indigenous people by creating job opportunities and combating poverty and hunger. The conference was also expected to bring together key players needed in order to transition to a blue economy.

What was amazing about the conference was that, it captured in detail concrete commitments and practical actions that can be taken today to help the world to transition to the blue economy. Why I think that this conference was very important is because our country Kenya and the rest of the world has rallied around enormous pressures facing our oceans and waters, ranging from plastic pollution to the effects of the change in climate. The sustainable Blue economy conference build momentum of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the 2015 Climate change Conference in Paris and the Un Ocean Conference 2017 “Call to Action”

Over the years the county has struggled to make our lakes and oceans clean and conducive, with the blue economy in town we learn how to do proper waste management and how to achieve and maintain pollution – free oceans, managing and sustaining marine life, conservation and sustainable economic activities which will in turn result to smart hipping, ports, transportation and global connectivity. All this will benefit our country and definitely improve or alternatively increase the quality economy.








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