Our education System

From time and memorial, since the year 1985, the public education in Kenya has been based on an 8–4–4 system, This is how the 8-4-4 system works, at first their is eight years of primary eduction, afterwords their is four years of secondary school and four years of college or university. Usually the children do all the subjects that the school has to offer. The only time that they really start to specialize in what they would want to peruse a career in, is when they are in college or university. Up to date, there has been steady growth in the advancement of education in the country. So that brings up the million dollar question. Is there a problem in our education system or is it just fine the way it is? Wouldn’t it be great if our children would get to specialize in their areas of interest or in what ever it is they would want to be come when they grow up in future when they are still young. Ideally this would actually save a lot of time wastage in terms of learning what you might never need to peruse or even utilize in future and in fact even assist in effectively spending time in the field that you would want to peruse so that they become professionals at a very young age.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with our education system, i mean our parents and the people before us have all went through it, and though not every one makes it by getting a well paying job with a six figure salary, well at least we can say that we have witnessed one or two reaping the fruits of their sweat later in life when they land well paying jobs or even applying the skills we have learn t over the years in our day to day life.

With that said, it would also really not hurt if we changed our education system, Kenya is amongst one of the countries that has one of the most toughest education system globally. We are a nation that is a third world country. We are still developing and employing one or two tricks from the developed countries education system would most definitely not hurt either. At this day and time, as a country we have achieved a lot when it comes to ensuring that every child goes to school and strict measures taken against any one who does contrary to this I insist on specialization! Parents also play a very major role in the education system in our country, if only parents would help nature their children’s talent from an early age, if your child loves art at a young age, try enrolling them in an art class, Is it sports they are actively involved in? then nature that too. The problem with African countries including Kenya is that as parents, we are all focused on ensuring our children will complete the education system by force by and by fire. We have A students who don’t even know what they are talented in. Don’t get me wrong, education is life, education is important, i couldn’t agree more. But also encourage your children to enjoy life, allow and assist them to take part in other activities especially sports that will help them discover what it is they are talented in.

If only we had many schools who enroll children of the same talent, of course still take them through the education system while focusing on their talent because at the end of the day, when the people are great in a country then every one is considered to be great as well.

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